Survival Skill #1: Winter Camping

It turns out winter camping involves many survival skills rolled into one. I suppose I knew this going into my research, but didn’t fully acknowledge or appreciate it. When you’re winter camping you need to know:

  • How to properly fuel your body (high calories, high fat)
  • How to make and sustain fire in all conditions (or simply how to set up your cooking stove so it doesn’t sink into the snow)
  • Navigation methods
  • Shelter-building (even if you’re camping in a tent and not a snow shelter, some technique is involved)
  • Winter backpacking techniques

Here are my top ten most helpful, interesting, or practical winter camping tips I learned this past month:

1. Top piece of insight: Loft and lack of moisture are key.

2. Backpacking in winter might not involve a backpack

3. Arranging your pack is key

4. Use two camping pads

5. Not everyone agrees about pee bottles

6. The best way to sleep warm is to move around right before hitting the hay

7. Snow caves/quinzees/digloos can be the warmest way to sleep

8. Count on fuel and batteries running out

9. Don’t rely on your car to “save you”

10. Snow squeaks at 14 degrees F



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Kate Bitters

Kate Bitters

Author, editor, artist. Purveyor of dark humor. I write for a living. #amwriting